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Somaya Moll

Thought leader on conscious leadership for the future | Social entrepreneur | International UN expert, trainer, coach, speaker

Conscious Leadership for the future: how do I become future-proof as a leader, company or organization? These times of social and economic change require new systems, new leadership and new paradigms. Somaya Moll inspires you how to become future-proof

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About Somaya Moll

As a social entrepreneur, political scientist, international expert for the UN and coach, Somaya Moll has been concerned with the personal and economic development of people, companies and countries since 2006. As a UN expert she has been working on these issues at a global level since 2009 and as a social entrepreneur in the Netherlands since 2006. With her companies she helps people, organizations and companies bring conscious leadership ('playful leadership') into practice and thereby become future-proof


Speaking engagement:

Keynote | Conference Speaker, Coach, Trainer | Mentor, Advisory Service, Interview | Debate | Panel, Master Class


Business | Management | Strategy, Future | Trends, Environment | Sustainability, Leadership, Innovation | Creativity, Motivation | Achievement | Inspiration, Performance | Change | Productivity, Politics | Government | World Affairs, Philosophy | Mindfulness, Society | Culture | Education

Field of Speaker:

Innovators | Visionairs, Business Coaches, Mentors | Trainers, Entrepreneurs

Best Audience:

Adults, Csuite/ Executives, Managers/ Supervisors, Associations, Nonprofit, Women, Young Professionals/Young Talent, Academics

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Dutch, English, Spanish; Castilian, French

Fee range:

Price on request


Somaya Moll