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Ronny Leber


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About Ronny Leber

Ronny Leber, a dynamic keynote speaker, brings a burst of enthusiasm from a sold-out sports arena to your event. With a successful career as a TV anchor and stadium announcer, he's a master at engaging vast crowds. A business administration graduate, he also resonates in the corporate world, effortlessly translating the excitement of sports into business inspiration.



Facilitators | Presenters | Moderators, Motivation | Achievement | Inspiration, Public Speaking | Storytelling, Sports | Adventure, Leadership

Field of Speaker:

Entertainers | Actors | Imitators

Best Audience:

Managers/ Supervisors, Csuite/ Executives, Adults, Sales

Travels from:



English, German

Fee range:

from $5000 up to $9500


The stadium principle: winning together

Experience the thrill of a live stadium event with the stadium principle. Ronny emotionally guides you through this captivating keynote, uniting your "team" into a cohesive unit! Tailor-made for your team, this unique team-building experience mirrors the awe of performing in front of millions. Feel the thrill, generate momentum, and share magical moments to triumph as a team! With the stadium principle, ignite a spectacle of enthusiasm and excitement!

the fan principle: how to turn your customers into fans

Transforming your customers into genuine fans is every business's aspiration. As a stadium announcer who has engaged audiences of millions, Ronny understands every strategy big sports teams employ to foster emotional connections with their fans. In this dynamic keynote, you'll learn how to embark on an emotional journey with fervent fans who are proud to represent "their colors." Discover how to maintain engaging communication during triumphs and setbacks, and how to create uplifting experiences for your community using vivid illustrations in the fan principle.

the marathon principle: peak performance when it counts

The marathon myth often symbolizes ambitious objectives, a lengthy journey, and steadfast perseverance. In this riveting keynote, marathon runner and presenter Ronny shares personal experiences from battling his own limitations to accomplishing his first marathon in under 2 hours. Gain insights from the meticulous preparation, the nurturing surroundings, to the unwavering endurance exemplified in the marathon principle.



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Philipp Bodzenta

Head of Public Affairs, Coca-Cola

At our events, Ronny consistently ignites a rush of excitement! Absolute enthusiasm and skill are his trademarks. We would gladly welcome him back at any time.

Ulli Kramer

Head of Live Marketing, Samsung

Ronny is a seasoned professional who diligently preps for every event, and deftly navigates through any situation with spontaneity, charm, and expertise.

Helmut Saller

Managing Director Austria, Swatch Group

Ronny has always managed what is very important to us: emotionally connecting our brands with our customers.

Alexandra Radl

Head of Marketing, Wien Energie

Thanks to Ronny's engaging style, he was able to captivate the audience right from the start. We would welcome him back anytime.

Heinrich Kürzeder

Author, The Speakermaker

Motivational speaker Ronny Leber captivates audiences with his powerful keynotes! He adeptly rouses and inspires large crowds. A professional and dependable choice!

Franziska Heiser

Event Manager, German MTM Association

Excellent! Our attendees were genuinely thrilled and invigorated, even in the early morning. The collective La Ola wave was a Magic Moment for me!

Marcus Renziehausen

CEO, The Engineers of Finance

Ronny was extremely captivating and inspiring. Our guests were universally impressed with his role as the closing speaker.

Martin Betschart

Bestselling Author & Success Coach, Martin Betschart

Ronny cultivates a genuine sense of unity among attendees and vividly underscores the significance of enthusiasm at work for the prosperity of a business!

Ronny Leber