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Mirjam Koornneef

Founder Equal Recruitment. "How nice would it be, if everybody was threated equaly?" Recruitment with blind recruiters.

In a world in which diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly important, Mirjam stands up as a practical bridge builder, who speaks not only from theory, but especially from her rich experiences.

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About Mirjam Koornneef

Mirjam, a warm personality in connecting people with and without disabilities and a passionate advocate for an inclusive world, has dedicated her life's work to promoting inclusivity and equality for everyone. Her personal involvement, underlined by the development of inclusive projects such as city tours by guides with disabilities. She also developed a children's book about diversity and inclusion. With Equal Recruitment and her team of blind recruiters, she makes a statement in business without judgement


Speaking engagement:

Keynote | Conference Speaker, Moderator | Interviewer | Emcee, Master Class


Society | Culture | Education, Innovation | Creativity, Public Speaking | Storytelling, Leadership, Motivation | Achievement | Inspiration

Field of Speaker:

Entrepreneurs, Authors, Innovators | Visionairs

Best Audience:

Managers/ Supervisors, Diverse, Nonprofit, Women

Travels from:



Dutch, English

Fee range:

from $1500 up to $4500


Diversiteit en inclusie

Van werkgeluk naar werkplezier, van inclusie naar zingeving.



wat als je moest kiezen doof of blind zijn?


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Annemarie van Gaal


Mirjam Koornneef is not only a great storyteller; her story also provides something to deeply think about. Diversity and inclusion are not just tasks for the HR department; they are about job satisfaction for everyone, a better society, and a better future. Mirjam's passion will leave no one untouched.

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Jeroen Zimmerman

HR Professional

Mirjam is a natural speaker who talks enthusiastically about her projects. Her personal anecdotes draw you close to the story. She is generous as a moderator because she gives other people their time and allows them to shine.

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Karin den Bogaart


Chairwoman Mirjam is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who created an informal atmosphere during the conference, making both guests and speakers feel very welcome. Mirjam also ensured that the program was completed smoothly, while allowing space and respect for everyone. In short, a chairwoman with a love for her work.

Mirjam Koornneef