Lucia Klestincova✨🇪🇺

Bringing feminine flow & fulfilment where leaders burn out & multilateral bureaucracy dies in its golden (c)age. For EU & beyond

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Burnout heroes can turn the stuckness into superpower. Bureaucrats can be happy & self-expressed while serving the world. Women can feel enough & energised while birthing life. Lucia was meant to believe she couldn't. Until her (EU) path became the recipe.

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About Lucia Klestincova✨🇪🇺

Lucia is recognised as the voice of transformation via a new culture of feminine leadership. As a certified life, careers & burnout coach, impact mentor and author, she’s all about leveraging the power of femininity and flow for the impact and fulfilment. Her services for individuals, teams and large organisations build on her unique blend of decade-long careers in the European policy making, top negotiations, IT business, podcasting, political campaigning and facilitation of participatory processes.


Speaking engagement:

Keynote | Conference Speaker, Coach, Trainer | Mentor, Interview | Debate | Panel, Breakout Session, Master Class, Advisory Service, Webinar | Live Video, Presenter, Custom Video, Moderator | Interviewer | Emcee


Business | Management | Strategy, Facilitators | Presenters | Moderators, Food | Health | Wellness, Future | Trends, Leadership, Motivation | Achievement | Inspiration, Performance | Change | Productivity, Politics | Government | World Affairs, Public Speaking | Storytelling, Society | Culture | Education

Field of Speaker:

Authors, Business Coaches, Business Leaders, Innovators | Visionairs, Mental coaches, Mentors | Trainers, Personal coaches | Trainers, Politicians

Best Audience:

Academics, Adults, Associations, Csuite/ Executives, Diverse, Managers/ Supervisors, Nonprofit, Women, Young Professionals/ Young Talent, Young Professionals/Young Talent, Youth/ Children

Travels from:



English, Czech, Slovak

Fee range:

from $1100 up to $11000


ride the wave of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT

Leveraging the global conversation about femininity to enable transformation of humanity, business and relations.

BURNOUT hero(ine) blessing

Radically different approach to productivity built on workplace well-being, flow and burnout prevention.


Strategies for conscious career management - serving yourself while serving the world.


Bringing the soul back to public service and enabling a win-win career path for bureaucrats.

decrypting EU CAREERS

The real story behind the story of the job market in and around the European Union’s policy / regulatory institutions.


Mentoring for professionals, parents or burnout heroes who are ready to redesign life on their own terms.


Refocus from the struggle to the opportunity, skyrocketing your life to the next level of self-care AND impact.

The D&I in the ESG

Designing meaningful programs for women as your strategy for your ecological, social & governance reporting obligations.


(Re)discover the message you were born to share and learn how to express it, brand it, spread it and be heard.

GET INSPIRED by how Lucia spiralled through her careers in innovative tech and EU policy, burnout and motherhood, to fully express her passion for women empowerment and a new culture of leadership.

This is how it sounds when you dare to do the inner work to turn your mess into your message.


12-week holistic burnout recovery coaching experience

Holistic approach that addresses the root cause of burnout and creates a lasting impact. A carefully orchestrated journey of self-discovery and self-mastery that activates mind, body and spirit. The impact is visible within first weeks. You will experience a boost of energy thanks to experimentation and fun that will stay with you long after the program.



Book cover Lights on Europe: On values guiding the careers of leaders who shine

Lights on Europe: On values guiding the careers of leaders who shine

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Lucia Klestincova✨🇪🇺