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Kamilla Sultanova

Will genuinely connect to your audience to bring collective energy and ownership for diversity, engagement and innovation.

Social media speaker:

She will make you dance to understand innovation, experimentation and connection. Her deeply felt presence and passion for inclusive leadership is a tour-de-force, making you feel belong, inspired and willing to take action!

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About Kamilla Sultanova

Kamilla Sultanova is a TEDx speaker, vibrant event host and moderator. Previously a container trader, Kamilla speaks and breathes diversity & inclusion, change, innovation and giving back culture - accelerating from inspiration to action. An alumnae of prestigious networks, she truly knows and shows how to collaborate in a more meaningful world. Kamilla attended events with both Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin on future of civic leadership and ignites you and everyone to be a changemaker!


Speaking engagement:

Keynote | Conference Speaker, Moderator | Interviewer | Emcee, Trainer | Mentor


Motivation | Achievement | Inspiration, Society | Culture | Education, Innovation | Creativity, Performance | Change | Productivity

Field of Speaker:

Entrepreneurs, Innovators | Visionairs

Travels from:



English, Russian, Danish

Fee range:

from $3000 up to $5000


fostering giving back culture

Can one give back without being Elon Musk or Madonna? Why giving back is so important for well-being and employee retention. Here is a personal story of volunteering, a personal quest for belonging and inclusion in the Denmark and Finland as an Uzbek teenager and later communication professional. It is a compelling message how to solve problems of diversity and inclusion, racism and phobias through performing acts of kindness together because when you volunteer, you forget the differences. A fun, personal, thought-out content on how and why in 2020 a culture of giving back will solve personal, company and societal challenges.

Changemakers generation unite

Kamilla has volunteered for 10,000 hours and she is connected to 10 networks worldwide which shape the local and global activities to promote social change, representation and economic empowerment. She has got a recipe how empowerment and personal agency truly happens and what stages an individual can go through to be in a school, in a company; individually and collectively. Having studied in Finland's first future lab Sitralab with selected youth, public policy and business experts in the area, Kamilla has experimented on social change topics, addressing SDGs and youth social inequality in Finland's capital youth centers. The result is fascinating which highlights, license to fail, experimentation and cross-sectoral cooperation.



News cover The missing link in making diversity & inclusion work in Finland: investing in social capital

The missing link in making diversity & inclusion work in Finland: investing in social capital

Cleveland, Seoul, Helsinki? What is common between these three cities? They all compete for the best talents to move, stay and settle down. Having revisited my work on diversity & inclusion I have come to conclusion the missing link: is a lack of networks and ways to get there namely via investment to social capital and mixing stakeholders, organizations and individuals.

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News cover Meeting Barack Obama and 300 other changemakers in Berlin!

Meeting Barack Obama and 300 other changemakers in Berlin!

One of the memorable events in my life, meeting Barack Obama and inviting him to help gender equality change in Uzbekistan. A true honor to be invited and recognized and join the league with 300 other changemakers who already do something extraordinary in the field of education, tech, arts, public policy, human rights and media.

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Bobur Muyiddinov

event organizer , Korea University, Korea business school, Seoul

Kamilla is a powerful and inspiring speaker, who can bring her expertise on diversity and internationalization, providing a deep insight on the importance of social capital and other related topics. Undoubtedly, she knows how to engage an audience! I'm motivated and inspired!

Aicha Manai

Network manager, Finnish entrepreneurs association "Suomen Yrittäjät ry"

An inspiring and thought provoking speaker who brings her expertise on diversity and inclusion to the forefront. Kamilla knows how to engage an audience and keep them on their toes throughout her presentations. A true pleasure to listen to and learn from!

Teemu Myöhänen

CEO, Filmmaker, Photographer , KarmaMedia.fi

Very inspiring and charismatic speaker and also very kind and humble person. I met Kamilla at Get Together in May 2019 and her story really inspired me to aim even higher than before. Thank you!

Kamilla Sultanova