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Emiel Jans

I provide a unique and practical approach for reaching your goals online.

Social media speaker:

The advantage you have yesterday, will be replaced by the trends of tomorrow. Those who fail to innovate are bound to become irrelevant.

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About Emiel Jans

Emiel is a very inspiring speaker who takes you into his story in an interactive session. Thanks to his unique perspective, he teaches you to look differently at the online landscape of today and, more importantly, that of tomorrow. Many wonder how you can be better seen and found online. Emiel gives you that insight and shares his experiences with practical tips and apps.


Speaking engagement:

Keynote | Conference Speaker


Future | Trends, Marketing | Sales | Service

Field of Speaker:

Futurists | Trend Forecasters, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Innovators | Visionairs

Best Audience:

Adults, Csuite/ Executives, Managers/ Supervisors, Sales, Young Professionals/ Young Talent, Diverse, Women

Travels from:



Dutch, English

Fee range:

from $2950 up to $9450



Reaching your audience online is a theme that many entrepreneurs want to move forward with, but often seems costly, technical and time-consuming. Moreover, the online landscape is changing so fast that it is becoming increasingly difficult to bet on the right things that will continue to yield their value. With the arrival of new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, the next challenge is already around the corner. How should you deal with this as an entrepreneur? Emiel provides insight to determine the right approach to reach your goals online. In this interactive session he digs deeper into "the needs" vs "the wants" of his audience. This session is a must attend for anyone aiming to lift their business to the next level online.

There's probably an app for that

Everyone has a smart-phone these days: entrepreneurs, managers, employees, kids and yes.. even your grandma. But how much are you actually getting out of it? Do you know how to maximize the return you are getting from your device? Many are not even using 20% of it's potential. Most buy phones for their employees without giving them proper training on how to use them. If you are looking to maximize the potential of your workforce or just make your personal- and business-life a lot easier, than this is the workshop you are looking for.



Book cover Imagine Life With Google Glass

Imagine Life With Google Glass

This book was written, back when Google Glass would have been released. Imagine everything you can do today with a smartphone or tablet, soon you’ll be able to do in augmented reality. The internet will become hands-free and immersive in ways many struggle to imagine. This book will help you understand the practical uses for augmented reality in your daily life, as it was seen through Google Glass. Augmented reality is without a doubt coming our way. Is your business ready for this digital revolution?

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News cover UP-TO-DATE Today


Our digital magazine to keep our audience up-to-date on relevant advances in innovation and technology with lot's of practical tips and advice. A must follow for the modern entrepreneur. https://www.uptodate-today.be/

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Johan Hento-Addow

General Manager Product Support & Spare Parts , Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME)

Emiel heeft gisteren de leden van Verhurend Nederland meegenomen in een sterk veranderende digitale wereld. Thema: Morgen is gisteren al begonnen! Hij heeft ons in anderhalf uur op geheel eigen wijze meegenomen in het gebruik van Google en bruikbare tips gegeven om nog beter zich

Janou Martens-Goetstouwers

Secretaris Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging, Toezichthouder Praktijk Onderwijs Roermond, Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging

Emiel is een zeer inspirerende spreker, hij neemt zijn publiek mee in een interactieve sessie en weet tips en tricks goed over te brengen. Wij hebben genoten van een mooie bijeenkomst waar ook de samenwerking met Tesla van toegevoegde waarde was.

Guido Houben

CEO, ITZU Training

Top spreker en top inspirerend , beheerst niet enkel de gave van het woord met brengt inhoudelijk een sterk verhaal ! Ik ben fan !

Emiel Jans