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Dr. Corrie Block

"UAE's Top Business Coach" │"Biggest Leadership Voice in MENA 2023" │"Global Icon 2021 | Business Strategist | Author

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Dr. Corrie Block has helped thousands of employees find meaning at work, and thousands of leaders to create that meaning for their teams, leading to improved health and wealth for individuals, and increased performance and profits for the companies.

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About Dr. Corrie Block

Dr. Corrie Block is a globally acclaimed business strategist, and the celebrated author of several books including Business is Personal and Spartan CEO. Having started out as a serial entrepreneur, failing forward, and overcoming bankruptcy (twice), his aim is to help millions of people find meaning at work, and connect their personal purpose to their daily attitudes and behaviours. Dr. Corrie Block provides executive coaching, leadership training, and motivational keynotes in top companies worldwide.


Speaking engagement:

Keynote | Conference Speaker, Coach, Trainer | Mentor, Interview | Debate | Panel, Webinar | Live Video, Advisory Service, Custom Video, Master Class


Business | Management | Strategy, Facilitators | Presenters | Moderators, Technology, Public Speaking | Storytelling, Performance | Change | Productivity, Motivation | Achievement | Inspiration, Innovation | Creativity, Leadership, Marketing | Sales | Service

Field of Speaker:

Authors, Business Coaches, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Futurists | Trend Forecasters, Innovators | Visionairs, Mental coaches, Mentors | Trainers

Best Audience:

Adults, Academics, Associations, Csuite/ Executives, Diverse, Managers/ Supervisors, Sales

Travels from:

United Arab Emirates



Fee range:

from $10000 up to $25000



Help employee find meaning at work using strategic principles aimed at humanizing jobs through the work life blend of both personal and corporate vision, mission, values, and goals. It helps L&D and HR professionals unleash discretionary efforts on their teams by using a blueprint to maximize employee experience and business outcomes. This blueprint has already been employed in more than a hundred companies and in the lives of thousands of employees around the world. The average corporate benefits include a +11% increase in discretionary effort in only 3 days with continuity reaching years, and across multiple job roles.

Six Pillars of Executive Performance

The Six Pillars of Executive Performance is a story-driven set of practical pillars aimed at helping you lead to a better competitive advantage through mental, physical, and organizational fitness. From mindfulness and teamwork to flow and motivation, this book is a C-suite cheat sheet on current best practices for executive excellence in leadership.


The evolutionary psychology and cultural conditions for remaining at the #1 spot. Do you want to know how Olympians keep winning gold, Olympics after Olympics? Orhow the US Dream Team won in 92, 96, and 2000 even though all of the players and the coach changed? Let's talk about what it's like to be in the lead, with no one to benchmark against except your yesterday.

Executive Personal Development

Executives are under pressure to perform, and those that aren't actively self-developing are rapidly deteriorating in today's even shifting leadership landscape. Let's explore the nature of the executive function, the changing world in which it exists, and the growing requirement for a science-based approach to executive ongoing development.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Gender diversity is profitable, and inclusion is just the entry point. Let's look for new profitability optimization through human connection and belonging by following the process of human connectedness: Included, Heard, Understood, Valued, and Loved. Companies as economic tribes are leaving money on the table without a strategic approach to DEI.

Empathy in Leadership

Should leaders be feared or loved? Well if you want to make money in the 21st century, love is all you need. Let's look at the relationship between love and loyalty, discretionary effort, happiness at work, and profit in this remarkable keynote that will have the whole audience leveling up in their EQ.

CURATING Competition for Self-Development

Gates and Jobs, Ronaldo and Messi, Rafael and Michaelangelo... great rivalries have always advanced human capacity, in every domain. In business, we don't compete to destroy our opponents, we compete because their resistance pushes our own development. We honor and respect our competitors because they require us to be at our very best, each and every day. Let's explore what curating competition can do for you and your team.



Are you wondering if there is a future for company or your industry? AI is already replacing doctors, pilots, lawyers. That’s not the future, that’s RIGHT NOW. Many CEOs are stressed about the future of work, and so they should be: the horse had been our primary mode of transportation for over 5,500 years and it became entirely irrelevant in only 13 short years, after all. Rather than creating redundancies, emerging technology can actually improve culture within organizations by carrying out mundane tasks so that your employees can focus on creative and complex tasks, rather than sitting through HOURS of paperwork. In partnership with Xische, Dr. Corrie Block demystifies AI, disruptive technologies and helps companies prepare for Industry 4.0. In this personalised, industry-specific masterclass, Dr. Corrie will share actionable strategies to a future-proof blueprint.


Recommended as the leading employee engagement in the region, Dr. Corrie Block shared his insights on Dubai Eye Radio Station; organizations should not look for ways to produce comfort, they should look for ways to produce MEANING. Most of your employees’ decision making comes when the senior leadership is not looking – are they really motivated to do their work? In this actionable course, Dr. Corrie Block works with the top management to increase employee engagement. Being able to produce the brain chemical Oxytocin on your team is profi table and results in a higher productivity when managers aren’t looking, improving your revenue and bottomline.





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Photo of reviewer

Tushar S.

Founder, Managing Director, GEC Media Group

I highly commend Dr. Corrie Block, for his exceptional presentation at the World CIO200 event in Thailand. Not only did he captivate the audience with his engaging speaking style, but he also effortlessly conveyed practical insights that resonated with everyone in the conference.

Photo of reviewer

Vivek Arora

Managing Director, SHRM

I had the privilege of working Dr. Corrie for our SHRM Conference in the Middle East and I must acknowledge that the audience were glued to their seats throughout his session. Corrie has the ability to integrate learning with engagement and had delivered an amazing session.

Photo of reviewer

Walid Youssef

General Manager, Al Masaood

I attended a three day leadership training program with Dr Corrie. It was not like any training that I've ever had before in my career, and the results are much better. I see my company differently, and this has led to a lot of great benefits for me and my company.

Photo of reviewer

Juhaina Al Rumaihi

Head of Human Resources , Diyar Al Muharraq W.L.L.

Our senior management at Diyar Al Muharraq had an amazing day spent with Dr. Corrie, a renowned leadership training expert. We were fortunate to receive invaluable tips and tricks from him, leaving us inspired and motivated to implement his strategies. Thank you, Dr. Corrie, for sharing your knowledge with us. We are excited to apply our newfound insights and continue growing as leaders.

Photo of reviewer

Sanjana Venugopal

Conference Producer, Advanced Conferences & Meetings

It was so lovely having Dr. Corrie join the 10th Annual GCC GOV HR Summit as a speaker. The energy imparted is so positive. The presentation by Dr. Corrie added a lot of value to the summit and he is simply amazing to work with and even speak to. He always manages to inspire with his passion and knowledge :)

Photo of reviewer

Helen Lobo

Director, Roshcomm and Impact Global

I had the privilege of having Corrie grace the stage of our HRM Summit in Bahrain as a Keynote speaker. His presence and content kept the audience captivated, his style of delivery was unique leaving them with deep insights and actionable take aways from his book, BUSINESS IS PERSONAL. His presentation was very well received and that was evident from the positive feedback received from every attendee. He generously gave away signed copies of his book, much to the delight of a few lucky ones. I would highly recommend him as a Keynote Speaker.

Dr. Corrie Block