Andrea Putting

When success is not enough, focusing on Compassionate Prosperity will turn your business around to create a legacy worth living.

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Being successful has long been held as the pinnacle of business. However, it doesn’t bring happiness and fulfilment. When incorporating compassion projects in business success takes on a new meaning. As compassion grows, prosperity follows.

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About Andrea Putting

Andrea Putting is an inspirational Keynote Speaker, best-seller and award-winning Author and Trusted Advisor to Authentic Influencers. She is an advocate for Social Mission who highlights the successes of those who are making a difference in the world. Business today is looking for something more. They need to connect and feel that they can make a significant difference in the world. Andrea connects them emotionally to the journey and their importance individually as a business and community.


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Keynote | Conference Speaker, Moderator | Interviewer | Emcee, Presenter, Webinar | Live Video


Business | Management | Strategy, Motivation | Achievement | Inspiration, Facilitators | Presenters | Moderators, Leadership

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Innovators | Visionairs, Authors, Mental coaches

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Csuite/ Executives, Adults, Managers/ Supervisors, Associations, Women

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Compassionate Prosperity - when success is not enough

Compassionate Prosperity explores how having compassion projects in business turns success into fulfilment and satisfaction for you and your business. As compassion grows, prosperity follows, in your team, community and business. Success takes on a new meaning and a higher purpose as you become an authentic influence.

Compassionate Purpose - Discovering a life of Fulfilment

How do you make a difference

Collaborative Prosperity – Growing Teams who Change the world


Chocolate, coffee and Conversation - Breaking Down Barriers and Building Community



chocolate and coffee breaks - Building community in your event

Start your event with an interactive session to help participants connect at a deeper level to get the most out of the conference.


In any community, workplace or organisation there can be difference that make it difficult for people to work together. Whether that be cultural, religious, social, ability or simple differences of opinion, Chocolate and Coffee Breaks is a session that helps to break down these barriers to create a more harmonious work environment.



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Andrea Putting